Subrogation Services

Our subrogation team has recovered over $250 million on behalf of both insurers and self-insured entities. We understand that the early identification and assessment of subrogation potential provides the critical foundation for successful recovery. Where appropriate, we coordinate the engagement of fire investigators, engineers and other highly skilled experts to identify responsible parties and maximize recovery potential.

Firm members are available on a moment’s notice to help our clients investigate potential subrogation. Some of our most successful clients establish a requirement that we be notified of any loss exceeding a fixed dollar amount so that subrogation efforts can be targeted from the outset and critical evidence preserved. Additionally, there is often valuable subrogation potential in existing property claim files, even those which have been closed by others. Our leadership is frequently asked by clients to review their “closed” files to see if subrogation opportunities have been overlooked. There is no cost for this review, that invariably results in substantial financial returns for our clients.

We are proud to offer our subrogation expertise for your recoveries. We would welcome the opportunity to discuss handling your subrogation matters and to answer any questions you might have.

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